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Our bulletin is a regular newsletter that provides you with the stories, information and activities from the start up scene in Kronoberg.

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Price: 0 kr/month

You are at a starting point of your entrepreneurship. Looking for a place to meet like-minded. In Sweden we call it "gratis är gott".

We believe that finding a community where you want to belong to is the baseline for all entrepreneurship. You need likeminded people that talk your language, that support you, shares knowledge and empowers each other.

  • 24/7 Community access on Facebook & #slack
  • Open Tuesday 8-17
  • Invited to events @ Bravo hub & Videum Science park
  • Reserve list for Workshops
  • Friday afternoon coffee meetup @ Bravo hub
  • Newsletter

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Price: 99 kr/month* (Tax included in this membership)

As a member you have a focus now on what you want out of your membership and the community.

You get value and you give value to the community. You may be searching for projects, team members and business development. You are on your way now and possibly in a startup.

*Price per person.

  • Networker offer included
  • 1-1 business talk with community manager
  • Buy Daypass office space (100kr/day)
  • Be a community speeker @ Bravo hub
  • 12 months salesprogram
  • Invitation to all workshops
  • Reserve list to bootcamps
  • Bravo hub PIN for your computer

Entrepreneur LIMITED

Price: 750 kr/month** (Tax excluded)

You are in the zone. You got a team. You got an idea!

You need to get work done and scale it up. Fame and fortune is around the corner. All you want is this membership form to get it going.

** This membership can only be approved after a screening process with Företagsfabriken. Maximum 12 months. Billed per startup company, max 3 persons.

  • Member of the community offer included
  • 1h/month business development with community manager
  • 24/7 access to Bravo hub office space
  • Personal Bravo hub access card
  • c/o business address listing @ Bravo hub
  • Printer access
  • Invited to bootcamps
  • Host your own customer events
  • Access to standard forms from DokuMera
  • Conference room access
  • Fast track to apply to the incubator

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Friends of Bravo HUB


Make your idea into reality

The business incubator for scaleable startups in Kronoberg.

Here your business idea gets the right opportunities to grow and develop into a growth company. International style of course!

<3 Företagsfabriken <3

Videum Science Park

Where people meet – ideas are born

That is our motto!

We continuously create places for businesses at Videum Science Park and Linnaeus University to meet. This means that we are actively involved in developing all your new ideas.

Videum Science Park


Office of External Relations

The office of external relations is a team of passionate people gathering competence and skills within innovation, collaboration, internationalisation, and external funding to make your idea develop into a business.

Linnaeus university

Happenings in the HUB


Events are for all the members of Bravo hub.
They can be hosted by other members, partners, professional speakers or by our Friends in Kronoberg. These events focus on to bring answers on topics called out by our community like "how do I go about export" or "marketingting tips" and many more...

Get your tickets here


In our workshops we gather in small groups with a commune topic of “a something” that needs solving.
For example “how can I make my tenders appealing for my prospect customers”. The groups common knowledge and a business developer from Företagsfabriken works their magic together and voila, all get personable better tenders.

Workshops are available for our Member of the community membership.


Sometimes we need to get together in projects to find solutions fast!
When highly motivated Entrepreneur LIMITED members need to solve problem and solutions to challenges or the need to develop the business model to get in to the incubator and other upscale scenarios. Our bootcamp gets there fast as lightning. We also team up with our Friends in cool projects.

Invest in our startups?

Are you an investor or business angel who is interested in investing in companies from the south east region? Contact us now to learn more about how you can make a difference. Your identity is kept a secret from the world, only we at Företagsfabriken know who you are.


Financing overview Kronoberg

Here we have gathered corporate finance through public actors, etc. in Kronoberg.

Find financing


12 months sales program
Ekludens Grafiska
Limited discount
Videum Science Park
Pop up office
All inclusive – Företagsfabriken! Webbhotel, Domain name, SSL, WordPress